We exist to support start-ups committed to creating businesses that rebuild our society and environment.

Impact Central is led by four founders, who, in previous careers, have built their own businesses, consulted FTSE 100 companies, been board members for start-ups, created innovation labs, launched accelerator programmes, raised equity funding, designed communication strategies, led professional services firms, developed extensive networks. One of us was even on the NASA advisory council. We’re combining ALL of our expertise to ensure that you and your venture have the best possible opportunity to succeed.



We embrace opportunities and encourage others to do the same. This means being deliberate and tenacious in our approach, celebrating victories and taking responsibility for mistakes. We give direct and constructive feedback that can be actioned and that is offered in a supportive manner.
We use a collaborative approach to achieve goals that we could not accomplish individually. Great communities focus on giving more than receiving.
We strive for excellence and the widespread adoption of best practices, sharing our knowledge to achieve maximum impact at the largest scale. Bring your 'A' Game.
We champion originality in thought and action and believe in the phrase ‘just give it a go.' To achieve real change we need to adapt new ways of thinking.
We stand together and are known for our generosity. We use our strength to support the weak and are compassionate for the marginalised.


It might seem that money will solve all of your problems. We get that, but we’ve also scaled a few start-ups and know that funding is the last of your worries. Exciting opportunities get funded. When you tell strangers (not your friends) about your venture are they excited? Until your venture meets that test and you have a plan that people believe in, funding won’t appear. Our success depends on you getting funded.


For us, failure is a venture that succeeds financially because it has given up on impact. It is possible to grow the business and multiply the impact. It’s a balancing act, but when you get it right the business and the impact are additive, creating more together than they can separately. The secret? It’s about you, and your desire to serve others, not just yourself.