New Ground Coffee

New Ground Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster based in Oxford. Sourcing high grade, ethically traded coffee, New Ground use the business as a vehicle to provide training and job opportunities for ex-offenders. The roastery is set in the heart of a busy suburb in a beautiful redeveloped warehouse and has an on-site cafe.

Luminary Bakery

Luminary Bakery is a bakery and café who advocate for women in the workplace, with their employment schemes and skills training having been created to improve the lives of disadvantaged women in London. Originally based in Hackney, East London, the success of the bakery has now seen the opening of a second location in Camden, in turn enabling a larger team of women to be put through their programme.


Recognised brings together amazing causes with beautiful jewellery to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity around some of the biggest issues we face today.


Fanfare Label is a circular clothing brand changing the way people buy, wear & consume clothing. The Award Winning clothing brand was launched in 2018 by Esther Knight. The label is leading the up-cycling movement, transforming vintage pieces to unique contemporary designs, combining elements of vintage & surplus clothing by giving existing materials a new life through various textile techniques.

Bedstraw + Madder

Bedstraw + Madder is a new British label making super soft knickers that are 100% plant dyed without the use of chemicals.

Their knickers are made from the world’s first carbon neutral fibre, Micro Modal® which is produced in an eco award-winning closed loop system that maintains 95% of emissions. This super soft fabric is made from beech wood pulp, which uses up to 20 times less water than cotton. Modal fibres are certified as biodegradable and compostable under home or marine conditions. The factory also plant dyes all their textiles with zero chemicals and 100% natural colours.


Yendy formulate high quality skincare products using African superfoods in a way that supports the women and communities who supply the raw ingredients. Their product range not only does wonders for your skin, but they are naturally fairer to the people who create them.


Anomie is the first all-in-one solution for real-time creative arts therapy. Think Zoom but with VR, and a dashboard where therapists can customise creative tools their clients can use. We exist because individuals seeking therapy remotely may be struggling with connecting with their therapist using current teleconferencing solutions. They do not create safe environments and thanks to poor use of camera and lighting, clients can hide their face or body during therapy sessions.


EcoTextura creates proprietary, eco-friendly & inclusive-design PPE as well as non-woven fabrics for the medical industry. EcoTextura has designed, been approved and supplied its innovative, new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in bulk to national public health organisations including the NHS and HSE (Ireland), local councils, numerous disability charities, schools, emergency services and institutions across the country and world.

Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie help prevent mental health problems in the workplace by training staff in Mixed Mental Arts™. A powerful journey though playful experiments, cutting edge neurobiology and a toolkit of twelve practical techniques; it builds resilience through lasting behaviour change.


Unpckd is on a mission to make refill shopping mainstream in the UK. Tackling the problem of unsustainable amounts of disposable and
single-use packaging in our grocery shopping, Unpckd offers a package-free refill delivery service for dry food, toiletries and cleaning
products in reusable, returnable containers. You order online, we deliver to your doorstep and when you need more we swap full for empties milkman-style. All powered by 100% electric and local people.

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand was set up in solidarity with the men and women who make our clothes. Their vision is to support you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear. They carry out rigorous research and every product in their collection meets three standards: 1. Ethical Production 2. Designed to Please 3. Created to Last


Veond is the daily lifestyle “go-to” app for all conscious consumers looking to improve their environmental footprint by gathering in one
place all ethical, vegan and sustainable restaurants, experiences, products and services always with benefits and discounts in order to make this lifestyle easier and more affordable for everyone.


Vojo’s mission is to make going plant-based as easy and sustainable as possible. Vojo works by personalising your plant-based diet to your DNA. Vojo’s formula is simple: minimal effort + no planning + knowing you’re getting all your nutrients equals more people going (and staying) plant-based!

The Planet Life

The Planet Life is on a mission to unlock the world’s knowledge and turn a sustainable society into a reality. We exist to empower society in taking action and collaborate towards a healthy future for planet and humanity. We’re building a tech solution to make climate action accessible to everyone and connect citizens to climate solutions. Using AI & ML, our community & learning platform delivers tailored experiences for personal growth and accelerate, scale and normalise opportunities for a healthy planet & society.


Zirrø is an ethical online supermarket sourcing all products from the best artisans and zero-waste shops local to customers. Their mission is to reduce unnecessary packaging and emissions and deliver everything by cargo bike.


N.abled bridges the gap between the rehabilitation and the health & fitness industry and advocates for exercise and nutritional therapy to be available as both a viable treatment offering and preventative measure in the health and social care sector. Their award-winning service includes Exercise Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Massage Therapy.


OurPledge is a pledge-to-buy, pledge-to-supply platform bringing every day, plastic-free alternatives to local shops, cafes and restaurants through pre-sale vouchers. Customers purchase vouchers as a pledge to support their favourite local business to reduce plastic, promising to keep shopping there after a sustainable change is made.


Tranquiliti is a digital service that continually measures and supports wellbeing in schools. Tranquiliti builds a picture of each student’s wellbeing and educational life, and use this data to provide personalised in-app support, and to facilitate proactive approaches to wellbeing and happiness.

Saisha London

Saisha London is on a mission to improve skincare and wellbeing by using the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and making it accessible to everyone, everywhere, to inspire beauty inside and out with confidence. The business takes a 360-degree view of skincare by understanding that good skin is an outcome of the four pillars of wellbeing – Sleep, relaxation, exercise and nutrition.

Amber Light

Amberlight is a lifestyle & coaching tool designed to improve self-control. Their mission is to explore community-led recovery and offer support for all addictions. Tracking habits solo doesn’t work, Amber Light lets you work together in teams boosting your chances of success.


HOLOS kombucha is an artisanal drinks company with a social purpose. Every bottle of HOLOS kombucha sold helps their social mission of supporting survivors of human trafficking. HOLOS kombucha is handcrafted the traditional way, in small batches, to preserve a consistent and harmonious flavour, it is low-sugar and vegan, fermented using all-natural ingredients.

Pushing Envelopes

Pushing Envelopes is a premium stationery brand on a mission to help people nurture their social health and relationships through letter writing. They work with independent artists to design beautiful products destined to become treasured keepsakes. Through art and writing, they help customers build deeper connections with themselves and invest time in nurturing meaningful connections with others. As an impact business, every purchase supports their Pen Pal club which uses letter writing as a tool to reduce loneliness levels in the UK.


NINA work with brilliant partners all over the world to create exceptional quality baby clothes and accessories. Nina make irresistible and thoughtful products, collaborating with emerging artists to create unique pieces you can’t get elsewhere, and connecting you with the artisans and cotton farmers behind the things you buy.


U:CAAN combines recycling technology with digital out of home advertising to help implement an on-the-go recycling system that rewards people for depositing their cans and bottles. Users can use their rewards with partner brands or donate them to partner charities within the homelessness sector.

Colombian Artisan Coffee

Colombian Artisan Coffee sources specialty single estate green coffee from rural farming communities in the central Andes of Colombia, whilst helping them improve their product through education and training. They produce the highest coffee quality, establish better prices and achieve a stable market to improve the social and economic position of the farmers.

Redeem Network

Redeem Network capture compassion by empowering people to help rough sleepers – and others in need – when they feel prompted to do so, in a responsible and purposeful way, and to provide them with visibility of the difference they’ve made.

Using a mobile app, users can gift needed products and services, rather than cash, that meet both short and long term needs and can be redeemed by recipients at local, partner business outlets and support services.

The Arts Revolution

The Arts Revolution  is on a mission to allow every child to have access to a quality music education. The Arts Revolution delivers an outstanding and unique selection of lessons and classes to students and schools across the country. They strive to ensure that every teacher, every programme, and every interaction with their services is of the highest quality.

Akojo Market

AKOJO MARKET is an online platform championing independent, ethical brands from across Africa and the diaspora. Their brands operate with the highest ethical standards and offer employment opportunities and skills training to African communities.

Kin and Cloth

Kin and Cloth make sustainable children’s clothing as well as providing children’s creative workshops. The workshops develop confidence and resilience in children well as giving them a strong understanding and appreciation of every hand that made their clothes.

ICI Care

ICI CARE is on a mission to make hair care a more enjoyable process for everyone. They make environmentally sustainable hair products via their bespoke algorithm. Everything is designed to be respectful of the environment and society while giving customers bespoke hair care.


Wellgiving’s mission is to raise £1million for UK charities. Their platform has been designed to promote and support charitable cultures within organisations and inspire and motivate staff to improve their physical health through gamification.


The RootsCo app helps people to discover the best local black-owned businesses & services that are near you. Find social and business events. Connect with people from relatable backgrounds. RootsCo is combatting these issues on a personal level by creating a digital community to enable members and allies to develop mutually supportive and relatable connections.


Pulsito’s mission is to build a planet-first snack brand that’s not only good on the inside, but on the outside too. Each individual pack of roasted fava beans contain over 7g of protein and 4g of fibre – delicious, nutritious and filling. Growing pulses has a net positive impact on the environment too. Their packs are not only plastic-free but they’re fully recyclable and completely compostable both on land and in the sea.


PANTREE addresses the UK food wastage problem at the key points of retail, consumption, and repurposing. They are targeting household food wastage where the households become active agents in managing and repurposing food waste.


Onee is a circular direct to consumer fashion label. It reduces the environmental impact of your wardrobe one item at a time. By designing for the end of life, OneE is pioneering a whole new area of the industry whilst catering for an increasingly environmentally aware consumer.