Supercharge your business
in six months,
with our help.

Better founders build better start-ups, so we focus on you! Our six-month programme is tailored to your development needs to make you a better leader,teammate and someone others want to support. Building on that foundation, our faculty share their expertise on key business and impact topics, raising your expectations of what your business could achieve. Our mentor network rounds out the experience by being the personalised support team you always wished for. When times get tough, the Impact Central core team will be alongside you all the way.

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Structured learning

Our first 12 weeks are built around three knowledge pillars:

Lead, Build and GROW. You’ll have 150 hours of in-depth learning from some of the brightest business minds on the planet, through a series of growth sprints, masterclasses, and one-on-ones.  You’ll finish with all the tools you need to build a highly effective mission-driven business.

Week 1-12
Showcase Night

Our FAVOURITE Night! You, in front of a large audience, impressing everyone by confidently articulating your impact start-up (and making us look good.) It’s an opportunity to gather your future tribe and celebrate all that you’ve achieved so far. The best part is that everyone is there to cheer you on and support you.

Dedicated mentor

You take the lead for the second 12 weeks, embedding what you’ve learned, punctuated with weekly sessions for course correction. With the help of your bespoke mentor team, you will finish with a clear roadmap for future growth. Investors are always looking for great opportunities. We’ll get you in front of them.

Week 13-24



Equal focus on business and Impact
We're NOT about growth at all costs. We consider failure to be a business that does really well and forgets about impact as it scales.
From day one you’ll be part of the Impact Central community; as with most things in life, you get out what you put in! Our community is made up of true impact believers who are eager to be inspired by your vision and are committed to helping your start-up succeed.
Private Slack Channel
You’ll be part of a private slack channel for your cohort AND a private slack channel connecting you to all the Impact Central Alumni (over 50 of them!).
Expert Faculty
You’ll be taught by our expert-faculty who are made up of business experts teaching everything from Business Modelling to Marketing, and everything in between.
Dedicated mentors
Introduction to our diverse pool of expert mentors, featuring experienced entrepreneurs, sector experts and senior professionals. A lead mentor is with you throughout the programme, enhanced by specialist support from our mentor pool.
Leadership coaching
Individual and team development from world-class accredited coaches will stretch you to within an inch of your life, but you’ll thank us for it at the end of the process. Guaranteed. PLUS 90 minute 1-2-1s with the core team each week.
Range of learning methods
We know that everyone learns differently, so we’ve developed a wide range of virtual and in-person learning, coaching and communication methods with that in mind.
Online content
Exclusive access to our partner GiANT Worldwide’s online leadership training and development platform. They’ll turn you into a solid 100x leader with a team ready to follow you anywhere.
Pitch Training
By the end of the Accelerator Programme you'll have mastered the art of pitching your business to a variety of audiences.
Funding Bootcamps
You’ll take part in 2 x funding bootcamps in part two of the programme
Funding Introductions
At the end of the 6-month programme your start-up will be more investment ready. Remember, we only get rewarded if you go on to raise funding and succeed. You will be introduced to the Chorus Angel network.
The benefits don't end with the programme
You’re part of a growing alumni network of over 50 founders to support you on your business journey.
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We are passionate about seeing impact change the world and need to see that same desire in you. Whilst we’ve designed Impact Central to run alongside operating your start-up, it’s still an intense programme and will require a significant time commitment.
5% equity, no fees
We back businesses that are committed to making big changes happen. That is going to take a few years and a lot of resources. If you make it on our programme, we will pour in our resources at no upfront cost. We bet our return on our ability to help you succeed, which means making really big changes happen. We are fully committed and aligned to your success.
Give back
We’re building a community of founders, advisors, investors and thought-leaders who are passionate about creating positive change. When the community has helped you succeed, we want you to return the favour by helping others.


Clear social/environmental solution
You can clearly articulate the issue you are addressing
Your insights are backed up by experience or research
You’ve got close enough to the problem to really understand it
Evidence of market traction
You have tested, trialled or launched your idea with real customers
There is a revenue model that can generate income for growth
Your approach has shown positive results
Strong Commitment
Your passion to find a solution is the driving reason for your business
You’re ready for the inevitable lows and hard work
Gather a tribe
You’ve brought others onto the journey who can be co-founders, advisors, employees or investors
You can convince others to get behind your vision
Impact at the core
Impact is central, not a bolt-on or an afterthought
Your impact increases with the success of your business
Next cohort Spring 2023 : Rolling applications - Book a call today!