Recognised brings together amazing causes with beautiful jewellery to raise awareness, spark conversations and bring solidarity around some of the biggest issues we face today.


Fanfare Label is a circular clothing brand changing the way people buy, wear & consume clothing. The Award Winning clothing brand was launched in 2018 by Esther Knight. The label is leading the up-cycling movement, transforming vintage pieces to unique contemporary designs, combining elements of vintage & surplus clothing by giving existing materials a new life through various textile techniques.

Bedstraw + Madder

Bedstraw + Madder is a new British label making super soft knickers that are 100% plant dyed without the use of chemicals.

Their knickers are made from the world’s first carbon neutral fibre, Micro Modal® which is produced in an eco award-winning closed loop system that maintains 95% of emissions. This super soft fabric is made from beech wood pulp, which uses up to 20 times less water than cotton. Modal fibres are certified as biodegradable and compostable under home or marine conditions. The factory also plant dyes all their textiles with zero chemicals and 100% natural colours.

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand was set up in solidarity with the men and women who make our clothes. Their vision is to support you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear. They carry out rigorous research and every product in their collection meets three standards: 1. Ethical Production 2. Designed to Please 3. Created to Last


NINA work with brilliant partners all over the world to create exceptional quality baby clothes and accessories. Nina make irresistible and thoughtful products, collaborating with emerging artists to create unique pieces you can’t get elsewhere, and connecting you with the artisans and cotton farmers behind the things you buy.

Akojo Market

AKOJO MARKET is an online platform championing independent, ethical brands from across Africa and the diaspora. Their brands operate with the highest ethical standards and offer employment opportunities and skills training to African communities.

Kin and Cloth

Kin and Cloth make sustainable children’s clothing as well as providing children’s creative workshops. The workshops develop confidence and resilience in children well as giving them a strong understanding and appreciation of every hand that made their clothes.


Onee is a circular direct to consumer fashion label. It reduces the environmental impact of your wardrobe one item at a time. By designing for the end of life, OneE is pioneering a whole new area of the industry whilst catering for an increasingly environmentally aware consumer.