Anomie is the first all-in-one solution for real-time creative arts therapy. Think Zoom but with VR, and a dashboard where therapists can customise creative tools their clients can use. We exist because individuals seeking therapy remotely may be struggling with connecting with their therapist using current teleconferencing solutions. They do not create safe environments and thanks to poor use of camera and lighting, clients can hide their face or body during therapy sessions.


EcoTextura creates proprietary, eco-friendly & inclusive-design PPE as well as non-woven fabrics for the medical industry. EcoTextura has designed, been approved and supplied its innovative, new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in bulk to national public health organisations including the NHS and HSE (Ireland), local councils, numerous disability charities, schools, emergency services and institutions across the country and world.

Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie help prevent mental health problems in the workplace by training staff in Mixed Mental Arts™. A powerful journey though playful experiments, cutting edge neurobiology and a toolkit of twelve practical techniques; it builds resilience through lasting behaviour change.


Veond is the daily lifestyle “go-to” app for all conscious consumers looking to improve their environmental footprint by gathering in one
place all ethical, vegan and sustainable restaurants, experiences, products and services always with benefits and discounts in order to make this lifestyle easier and more affordable for everyone.


Vojo’s mission is to make going plant-based as easy and sustainable as possible. Vojo works by personalising your plant-based diet to your DNA. Vojo’s formula is simple: minimal effort + no planning + knowing you’re getting all your nutrients equals more people going (and staying) plant-based!


N.abled bridges the gap between the rehabilitation and the health & fitness industry and advocates for exercise and nutritional therapy to be available as both a viable treatment offering and preventative measure in the health and social care sector. Their award-winning service includes Exercise Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Massage Therapy.

Saisha London

Saisha London is on a mission to improve skincare and wellbeing by using the ancient teachings of Ayurveda and making it accessible to everyone, everywhere, to inspire beauty inside and out with confidence. The business takes a 360-degree view of skincare by understanding that good skin is an outcome of the four pillars of wellbeing – Sleep, relaxation, exercise and nutrition.

Amber Light

Amberlight is a lifestyle & coaching tool designed to improve self-control. Their mission is to explore community-led recovery and offer support for all addictions. Tracking habits solo doesn’t work, Amber Light lets you work together in teams boosting your chances of success.


Wellgiving’s mission is to raise £1million for UK charities. Their platform has been designed to promote and support charitable cultures within organisations and inspire and motivate staff to improve their physical health through gamification.