Anomie is the first all-in-one solution for real-time creative arts therapy. Think Zoom but with VR, and a dashboard where therapists can customise creative tools their clients can use. We exist because individuals seeking therapy remotely may be struggling with connecting with their therapist using current teleconferencing solutions. They do not create safe environments and thanks to poor use of camera and lighting, clients can hide their face or body during therapy sessions.


Veond is the daily lifestyle “go-to” app for all conscious consumers looking to improve their environmental footprint by gathering in one
place all ethical, vegan and sustainable restaurants, experiences, products and services always with benefits and discounts in order to make this lifestyle easier and more affordable for everyone.


Vojo’s mission is to make going plant-based as easy and sustainable as possible. Vojo works by personalising your plant-based diet to your DNA. Vojo’s formula is simple: minimal effort + no planning + knowing you’re getting all your nutrients equals more people going (and staying) plant-based!

The Planet Life

The Planet Life is on a mission to unlock the world’s knowledge and turn a sustainable society into a reality. We exist to empower society in taking action and collaborate towards a healthy future for planet and humanity. We’re building a tech solution to make climate action accessible to everyone and connect citizens to climate solutions. Using AI & ML, our community & learning platform delivers tailored experiences for personal growth and accelerate, scale and normalise opportunities for a healthy planet & society.


OurPledge is a pledge-to-buy, pledge-to-supply platform bringing every day, plastic-free alternatives to local shops, cafes and restaurants through pre-sale vouchers. Customers purchase vouchers as a pledge to support their favourite local business to reduce plastic, promising to keep shopping there after a sustainable change is made.


Tranquiliti is a digital service that continually measures and supports wellbeing in schools. Tranquiliti builds a picture of each student’s wellbeing and educational life, and use this data to provide personalised in-app support, and to facilitate proactive approaches to wellbeing and happiness.

Amber Light

Amberlight is a lifestyle & coaching tool designed to improve self-control. Their mission is to explore community-led recovery and offer support for all addictions. Tracking habits solo doesn’t work, Amber Light lets you work together in teams boosting your chances of success.


U:CAAN combines recycling technology with digital out of home advertising to help implement an on-the-go recycling system that rewards people for depositing their cans and bottles. Users can use their rewards with partner brands or donate them to partner charities within the homelessness sector.

Redeem Network

Redeem Network capture compassion by empowering people to help rough sleepers – and others in need – when they feel prompted to do so, in a responsible and purposeful way, and to provide them with visibility of the difference they’ve made.

Using a mobile app, users can gift needed products and services, rather than cash, that meet both short and long term needs and can be redeemed by recipients at local, partner business outlets and support services.

The Arts Revolution

The Arts Revolution  is on a mission to allow every child to have access to a quality music education. The Arts Revolution delivers an outstanding and unique selection of lessons and classes to students and schools across the country. They strive to ensure that every teacher, every programme, and every interaction with their services is of the highest quality.


PANTREE addresses the UK food wastage problem at the key points of retail, consumption, and repurposing. They are targeting household food wastage where the households become active agents in managing and repurposing food waste.